Wedding Talk: How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photography Style

A wedding photographer is one of the most important things that couples must book for their wedding. They are the tools to capture last-long memories that you can look back on and recollect. But the quality of the photos you get will depend on the style of Vancouver wedding photography you choose. One other benefit that you can get from choosing a photography style is that it will make it easier for you to find the right photographer.




A traditional style is the one that you have in mind when it comes to wedding photography styles. If you find that the styles of the olden days are too outdated, you can go for a modern twist on the traditional photography styles. From clean shots to dramatic portraits, the idea is to give a modern look to those traditional photos you will find in a wedding album. The idea is to use your photos to tell the visual story of your big day.


In Vancouver, look for photographers whose existing styles and techniques fit that. You can always view the photographer’s portfolio to help you determine whether it is a good fit or not.




Do not confuse traditional wedding photos with the classic ones. Classic wedding photos are those well-lit portraits and expertly composed shots that provide a glimpse into details about the wedding that you could easily miss. These are the kinds of shots that you would want to look at in 10 or 20 years and still appreciate the photography techniques used.




When you ask for artistic shots from the Vancouver wedding photography team you hired, you can expect non-conventional angles and focus on your photos. The growth of artistic wedding photos is aided by the success of Pinterest as a social media. You can find a wide range of artistic styles to choose from or be inspired by. If you are an artistic couple, this is the best style for you. This type of style will depend on the creative point of view of the photographer. Hence, it is important to choose a photographer whose style you love already!




If you are not into highly styled photo shoots on your wedding, you can go for a documentary style wedding photography. This particular wedding photography style is characterized by the chronological events that go on before, during and after your wedding. From the preparation, to getting dressed, to the ceremony and the reception – all of these are properly documented in photos.




This is a fairly new style in the world of wedding photography. Some experts call it as the redefinition of photojournalism or a documentary style wedding photography. The idea is to capture candid shots; however, these are not candid at all since they are achieved with direction and styling. And yet, they are loved by the couples because there is still a natural feel to them. See more at Life Studios Inc.


If you cannot decide the right team to offer Vancouver wedding photography on your special day, you can go to You can check their website for samples and view their portfolio to help you choose.


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