Care-giving Guidelines: Duties an Aged Care Nurse is Expected to Undertake

Aged care is one of the nursing areas that have shown incredible growth in different countries such as Australia among others. The elderly people have both personal and medical needs they require from professional health service providers such as the nurses. Most of the nurses who provide aged care Melbourne has today work in the hospitals, residential facilities, and nursing homes. The needs of the aged have increased since the aging population is also increasing. Medical professionals such as the nurses who care for the elderly have numerous responsibilities to attend to and some of them include: More information age care melbourne

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Giving medication

Some of the elderly people you find in a private home are those who have developed some health problems that require monitored medication. Doctors come to see them regularly and assess the residents’ progress to see whether they would change the medication or stop it. Although the doctors also play a vital role in enhancing the quality of the aged care Victoria has today, an elderly care nurse spends most of the day’s time with the aged. The nurses ensure the patient has taken the right medication at the right time and liaises with the patient’s doctor in case of emergency medical interventions. Click here Aarcare

Documenting details

Everything going on in the life of the aged patient has to be documented. In fact, the nurses also document everything that took place during their shift to ensure the nurses on duty can have an idea of what transpired before they came. The nurses document the names of the elderly patients they have attended to, their temperature readings, and the general observation of the patient. This makes it easy for the doctor who may come for an impromptu appointment in any aged care Melbourne has today.


It’s important to note that aged care nurses also manage admissions. New elderly residents are taken to various aged care homes each day. If there is no one to guide the new residents on the admission process, they would not get the aged care services they are looking for. Besides checking on the resident’s paperwork, the elderly care nurse also shows them their specific rooms and outlines to them the private home care services they would receive. If the new resident has any questions, it’s the obligation of the nurse to answer them satisfactorily.

Family liaison

Once the new resident goes to their specific room, they may take a longer period to settle and adapt to the environment. During this time, the new resident depends on the family support in terms of material help and companion. If the resident needs something urgent from their family, they ask the nurse to contact any of the family members concerning the need. The elderly care nurse would also liaise with the resident’s family on any medical communication from the doctor. The resident’s family would depend on the nurse to know the concerns and fears of their relative, as well as the type of respite care Brisbane has to offer for such residents.

As evident as it is, elderly care nurses play important roles in ensuring the resident is safe and that the family is updated about their relative. They are always set to deal with any medical problem that may arise during their shift. What a nurse working in an elderly care facility requires to succeed in providing the right aged care Melbourne has today is empathy, honesty, and passion. See more at

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