A great option for drug rehab in Thailand: the holistic approach

The holistic strategy for alcohol and drug rehab plans educate patients how to look after their spirit body and mind harmoniously with the other parts. In the event the person is vulnerable within the mind but strong in body, the holistic technique will concentrate on the lagging areas to help people gather the energy to stop using alcohol or drugs.

In Thailand, a number of holistic drug rehab systems are based on classic models like psychiatric therapy, but with a focus on curing the whole person to bring them into complete harmony. Thus, methods can eventually become very different than tradition models, depending on the needs of the person. Where one person might need a form of talk-based therapy to deal with past issues, others may need to focus more on eating well, or getting themselves in better physical shape. It all depends on the patient.

Key Benefits of Holistic Drug Treatment in Thailand

Anyone with an addiction, an open mind and a genuine desire to reach sobriety can take part in holistic healing. Those wanting to see another part of the world to gain fresh perspectives during their treatment should put Thailand on their list. In many Thailand drug treatment programs, you will in fact find some people without addictions. These folks often enrol as a means to break through depression, anxiety or other mental issues. At the start, staff will assess the patient, determine their needs, roll out a treatment plan, and then modify it as needed to help the patient heal.

In essence the key benefit is that is is ALL ABOUT YOU. If you’re suffering addiction, there might be underlying emotional, spiritual or even physical issues at the root. In holistic therapy, these roots will be unearthed and dealt with. The well-being of the patient is all that really matters.

Critical factors when choosing a drug rehab facility in Thailand

Beyond researching what types of plans a rehab clinic offers you, it’s also essential to look at some practical aspects as well. To begin with, evaluate the specific location of the facility: undertaking drug rehab miles away from your home might sound exciting, but for those on tight budgets, the distance and travel expenses might not be feasible. Further, patients with a solid support network at home might be better off healing in a location in their area.

Furthermore, is it clearly important to figure out the total cost of the therapy. Many holistic courses in Thailand are very costly (given that they provide remarkable locations, top quality meals and cutting edge services). In addition, some Thailand clinics accept medical insurance, offer sliding scale service fees, or can help make a payment schedule that will permit you to get the help you require.

Finally, it’s also very important to learn about the staff at the drug rehab clinic you are considering. Are they credentialed? Do they have proven experience working with substance abuse disorders? Also, what is the staff to patient ratio? Finding out the answers to these questions will surely prevent any surprises that may affect your ability to rebound from your addiction.

Undergoing holistic drug rehab in Thailand

If you’re never experienced the exotic and tranquil beauty of Thailand, a visit there for a drug rehab stint may be just what the doctor ordered. Patients willing to make the trip to Thailand for their drug rehab should look into a stay at the Next Step Chiang Mai. The clinic offers a holistic treatment program that is combined with a variety of health-related treatments (yoga, hiking, community building and more). While immersed in tranquil and supportive surroundings, patients can integrate with the healing community and work their way towards sobriety.

The Next Step Chiang Mai is ideally located. Their address is 245, M. 12, Nong Kwai, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230, Thailand. +66 85 527 2436